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Call to Action Please check the Your Rights section of this website regularly for the latest updates from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.
Please contact your state representatives TODAY and respectfully urge them to support your Second Amendment rights.
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Center Axis Relock We're proud to offer our students training using the Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) system, developed by Paul Castle of Sabre Tactical, via IPD Systems.  C.A.R. consists of four easily-transitioned positions (high, combat high, extended, and apogee) that work harmoniously with the body.  Harmonious body movement is important because it makes it easier to build instinctive reaction skills.  And it's these reaction skills that could save your life if you someday find yourself in a gun fight. Read the Full Story
Expert Instruction Our instructors have come through our school as students and have successfully earned Tactical Handgun Certification & NRA Instructor Certifications in various disciplines.  Some have received training from law enforcement agencies and other popular training organizations such as Firearms Training Associates (FTA), Front Sight, IPD Systems,  Sabre Tactical, Tactical Firearms Training Team (TFTT), and Thunder Ranch. Read the Full Story
Safety Comes First Exercising your American rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution by bearing and keeping firearms is both a right and a responsibility.  Your responsibility is not just to follow state and federal laws, but to be properly trained to handle and use your firearms.  At Civilian Arms Training Source, safety instruction comes first and is the foundation of our training programs.  All students are thoroughly instructed in basic rules of gun safety prior to live fire down range. Read the Full Story
Exercise Your Rights Ever hear the phrase "use it or lose it!"?  You may have heard it in the context of staying physically fit or keeping your mind sharp.  The point being, you can exercise your muscles to build strength, but if you don't use them regularly you will soon become weak again.  Similarly, to stay mentally sharp, it's good to read or do something mentally challenging as part of your regular routine.  The same can be said about our constitutional rights.
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Castle Legacy The following are Paul's own words, regarding his life's work and the legacy he left us, taken from the Sabre Tactical website:
The C.A.R. system is all about saving lives, that means yours. If I was vain I would have called it 'The Castle Technique' or the 'Castle Combat System', but I wanted to describe C.A.R. in another way. The strange thing about criticism is most of the time it comes from fear and lack of knowledge.  So I ask you...
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Life-saving Techniques

Center Axis Relock System

Learning to shoot from a variety of positions can save your life.

We believe that all stances have value depending on the situation in which you may find yourself. For that reason, we teach all of them with Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) as our main platform for defensive combat gun fighting. It's not just a stance, but a system that has proven to be by far more effective with evidenced success percentages that cannot be matched.

"I’ve been training and teaching for over 22 years with professionals from every agency within the United States Government. In all of my experience, I have never seen a better system for personal development with a firearm. If you work with operators or agency personnel to help them stay alive, then you must teach them how to have an edge over their threat. I believe Commander Paul Castle has developed a system that provides this powerful, life-saving edge."

--Tim George, CATS Director

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