Danny O'Neal

Danny O'NealDanny O'Neal first started with Civilian Arms Training in early 2009. Danny is a Junior in High School and was on the wrestling team. He also is Corporal for the Sheriff Explorers. Danny has been a Range Technician for some time now, and has just become an Assistant Instructor and has been trained in the following:

  • Arrest and Control Techniques
  • Building Searches
  • C.P.R. Trained
  • A.E.D. Trained
  • Level I Training = 16 hours
  • Level II Training - 8 hours
  • IPDS Trained

He started out as a student in Level I with his Dad and he became a firm believer in the Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) system. He then moved into Level II and has worked through the course as an Assistant. He believes in this system so much that he now volunteers and donates approximately 200 hours per year to training others, sharpening his skills, and assisting on the range on a regular basis. He has over 400 hours of Community Service through the Sheriff Explorer Program and will probably double that within a years time.

Danny is a firm believer in our Second Amendment Rights and is actively staging himself for a career in Law Enforcement. Danny feels that you will fight how you train, and anyone that owns a firearm needs this training.

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