Jim King

Jim KingInstructor

Jim's interests are outdoor-related.  He enjoys rock climbing, mountaineering, caving, glacier travel, white water rafting, and horseback riding.

Jim was a high-risk specialist with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team.  Jim was a training officer and co-wrote the new training manual.

Jim is currently a tracking instructor for survival tracking service, and co-wrote the manual.  Jim attended seminars by Jack Kearney, U.S. Border Patrol Retired, along with other refresher courses taught by other Border Patrol agents.

Jim is a firearms instructor with Civilian Arms Training Source.  Jim competes in IPDA and Cowboy Action Matches.  Jim is trained in pistol, rifle, shotgun and full-automatic weapons.

Jim has attended the following shooting schools:

  • Civilian Arms Training Source (Tim George)
  • Immediate Personal Defense Systems (Paul Castle)
  • Lethal Force Institute (Massad Ayoob)
  • Firearms Training Associates (Bill Murphy)
  • Gunsite (Cory Trapp)

Jim has also training with Jim Cirillo, Chuck Taylor, and various other trainers.

Finally, Jim is a N.R.A. Certified Instructor, Sabre Tactical Certified Instructor, and Range Safety Officer (RSO).

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