Lisa Erickson

Lisa became an addition to the C.A.T.S. family in 2016. Her motivation to join the instructor ranks developed as a student from her belief in the C.A.R. System as a superior retention and gun fighting system and her desire to assist with teaching it to others.

Lisa’s firearms background includes NRA Instructor certifications in pistol, rifle, shotgun, and both personal protection inside and outside the home, NRA Range Safety Officer, CA DOJ Firearms Instructor, Glock & Sig Sauer factory Armorer Certification. In addition to her interests in firearms, she is also a PADI certified scuba Instructor, FAA certificated Commercial Pilot, a Design Engineer for a major defense contractor, and served in the US Air Force during Desert Shield.

In addition to teaching our Tactical Handgun - Defensive Level 1 course, Lisa is also one of our California CCW Instructors and Basic Handgun Instructors in which her focus is to guide her students in developing a good strong foundation for safe handling and use of their weapon. Her administrative abilities behind the scenes have also been an asset to C.A.T.S.

Lisa believes in being well trained and well prepared in life with as many tools as possible so one can efficiently and effectively employ the right tool for a given situation.

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