Mike Cullins

MikeInstructor & Range Coordinator

I believe that every well-minded, law-abiding, US citizen should be able to competently decide how to defend themselves, in any form they choose and at any time and manner they may have to do so, in order to stop an eminent threat to harm or take life. This, an obligation and responsibility, as well.

I have trained in all levels of C.A.T.S. courses and I continue to develop monthly now as an instructor. My intent is to serve my community by sharing my continuing advancement in training & certifications in various realistic, self-defense scenarios. My objective is to better equip myself, my family and others at defending themselves, in general, or as part of one's employment. My related, non-law enforcement background is as follows:

  • Sabre Tactical Associate
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • R.O.T.C. Rifle Marksman
  • Champion Skeet-shooter
  • Lifetime Sports Shooter
  • Martial Arts

I am a Texan, who began shooting at the age of four. I began reloading shotshells for my dad when I was six. Being around firearms is as natural and American to me as throwing a baseball. Formally trained as a consultant, coach and teacher, I feel that I perceive individual needs well. I strive to make any firearms student feel at-ease, focused and alert in order to become significantly better in any course they take from us. Simply put, I remember what it was like to be new and unsure, yet wanting to be better. Regarding any self-defense mechanism, I believe the ultimate goal is to get it, grasp it and be prepared to employ it confidently and effectively without hesitation.

Having had successful, real-world, street-fighting experience in self-defense situations on L.A. streets, I know that proper training and consistent practice can help protect and save you from greater injury.

If you are looking for practical, effective training in a safe, friendly environment, come see us.

“Get it, Grasp it, Own it!” -MC

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