Past Instructors

Civilian Arms Training Source would like to honor and thank the following past instructors for their great sacrifice and faithful volunteer service over the years:


Josh Betancur

Rafael Estevez

Dan Foos

Danny Graham

Chris Hintergardt

Rick Hoenstein

Paul Hutputtanasin

Mark Lamont

Brian Lee

Jon Manzano

Kenneth McCarty

Greg Meier

Melissa Palacios

Michael Ruston

Doug Tyson

Lynn Warner

Brad Anderson

Lance DeMarco

Doug Jacobs

Billy Ly

Chris Hinterdgart

Danny O'Neal

Billy Snow

Special Thanks To: Brandy M.Carver George for her unfailing love


It goes without saying, that the words of appreciation and praise that Civilian Arms Training Source receives on a daily basis is largely due to the quality, passion, and dedication of ALL our volunteers.  The fruits of their efforts are evidenced in our students, in both knowledge and experience.  Our students are eternally grateful for the excellent teaching and the highest level of safety and care these instructors have provided over the years.  Considering that providing tactical training for all sectors of our society is not an easy endeavor, we all offer our accolades and sincerest appreciation.

You will always be remembered, both on and off the range, for your gift to us.  Thank you for helping us become a safe and armed society, and for teaching us to hold on to our Rights and to pass them on to children and grandchildren.  Thank you for making this Great Nation, our Beloved Country, these United States of America.


Lady Liberty

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