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“I REALLY miss your classes up here. I sure wish that I could find something in my area but there are very few ranges or enthusiasm here. I take what you have taught me everywhere I go. I have to carry quite often up here as I have been robbed 3 times and I own my own business with a lot of work in the bad parts of town (well Sacramento in general.) I appreciate all of the patience that you and your guys take to teach civilians proper technique. Thank You!” –Merton

“…Since all of us are first timers in this hobby, we surely learned a lot from your team. I will definitely take Level 1 again to master all the techniques there in especially along the lines of immediate action drills until I am comfortable enough to step up to the next level. Hopefully, I will purchase my first firearm in the near future and progress from there on. Thank you very much to you and the team!!” –Aris

“You and your team did a great job on the Level 1 Handgun Class last Saturday! Though I have used several handguns before (recreational shooting) your class really opened up a whole new approach to safe gun handling, which I THOUGHT I knew….I will DEFINITELY practice the CATS moves, read the manual, then return to Level 1.” –Kiki Rodriguez

“I have always enjoyed taking as many training classes as I possibly could, because no matter how long you’ve been shooting, there is always something new you can learn. I’ve been through most all of the classes CATS has offered, and in every case they have met or exceeded my expectations. Other classes I’ve attended in the past have had Military, Civilian, and Law Enforcement instructors. The staff and instructors at CATS rivals the best of these. They provide a safe and professional environment in which to train, while keeping the courses fun and challenging. CATS provides training for all levels of shooters, and I would highly recommend any and all of them.” –TJ Wallace

“Having attended both the Tactical Shotgun and most recently the Level 1 Pistol classes my most poignant comment about my experiences would be that I continue to think in detail about the training I received. I have been shooting for many years and have attended NRA as well as other private shooting programs. All were fun and educational but none of them left me with the breadth of practical shooting knowledge that I obtained through your classes. I have read through the syllabus several times since taking the Level 1 pistol class and find myself applying many of the techniques each time I have the opportunity to shoot. Maybe the most telling testimonial of the value these classes have had for me is simply to say that I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to take the Level II and Advanced classes! Thanks!”

“I have been fortunate enough to be able to train with firearms at several training centers, some that charge an arm and a leg, some just an arm, and then CATS where the training is VERY affordable. I appreciate CATS program for a couple of reasons; first that they are close to where I live so that it is convenient enough to get over to train for a day once every month or so to keep sharp on my skills. The second reason is that no matter where you go or how much you pay for firearms training it is important to get a different perspective from the trainer on technique and style. I like to take the best from all the schools that I train with and make it my own. This outfit is first rate!” –Shawn Breshears

“I received my first formal firearms training at CATS about 5 years ago and now I am a certified NRA Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, Certified CA DOJ HSC Instructor, and a CA/UT/FL CCW holder. The instructors know how to make the class stringent on tactics and still have a friendly, enjoyable and safe environment. Their price is a bargain for the amount of training you get. Most other schools I have attended require about 2 or 3 classes to par up with what CATS Level 1 does, and they cost 2-3 times more. Their Level 2 and A.F.T. are incredible and not many schools provide the same kind of training. It’s good to get training from a variety of schools, and CATS should be on your list to try out.” –Paul

“The training I received from civilian arms training has been invaluable. Not only for the student just learning but for the veterans like myself who like to keep refreshed on these sorts of things. I am always looking forward to finding out when the next schedule of events is going to take place, and even though I don’t get to go to the training often I always learn something new each time.”

“The CATS program has provided valuable education to me as an individual who wanted to be a responsible gun owner but did not have adequate personal background. Novices like myself benefit greatly by being able to rent a gun and gain a day of experience handling the weapons. I am sure the gun stores greatly appreciate the fact that I know how to safely handle the guns before I ever walk in their store — and I am able to discuss features much more comfortably to ensure I end up with the guns that are truly suitable for me. Now, as my collection has begun to grow, I will be repeating the CATS classes to gain more experience with my personal weapons.”

“Wow, what a great family experience! I took the shotgun class with both of my sons. One was an active duty Marine wanting to get more experience with a variety of weapons. The other was my younger son who loved shotguns but needed training to use one safely. We truly enjoyed the atmosphere and experience shared during the class. It is a great family event. FYI, my second son has now joined the Marine Corps also. Just attending the shotgun class created more comfort in his handling and understanding of weapons which has already benefited him in his training.” –Kerry Lewis

“I learned to respect the handgun, to treat it and handle it correctly and most of all, to handle it in a safe manner. I have the CATS staff and Tim to thank. It has helped me tremendous, specially here in Fallujah, Iraq.” –Semper FI

“Tim, I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to participate in your Tactical I, II, and Night Shoot Class! What a RUSH! I had no idea that I would have gained so much more knowledge and insight of how to handle handguns properly and safely. It’s amazing how a person takes for granted what they think they know already. Not only do I have more knowledge of personal safety, I also have knowledge of safety for others and also the Laws of self-defense. I feel much more confident in having a few firearms in my house, and feel I would have confidence in protecting my family in the event a criminal intrudes my house while we are in the dwelling. I think everyone in my opinion, should be required to go through a class like yours to be educated for safety and laws of self-defense. Use of handguns is definitely not what “Hollywood” makes it out to be. I personally feel that the person that takes the initiative to educate themselves to handle and use handguns properly and lawfully will save their lives and the ones they love. I will be definitely be returning again and again and bringing people with me to introduce then your class that I whole-heartedly believe they will benefit from. Not only that, it is just plain FUN! –John Rodriguez, Simi Valley, CA

“To the staff of CATS I have been shooting and hunting for almost 20 years. I thought I knew enough to use a firearm in self defense. After the first few hours of my first Level I class, I realized how much I didn’t know. As the day neared the end, I was so overwhelmed with information, I was mentally exhausted. I came back to the Level I class the next month, after many hours of dry practice, and half way through the day something just clicked. I got it. I have all the Instructors and their Support Staff to thank. Your team is an exceptional group of people and I have already passed your information to many friends. Many thanks. I think CATS is a great idea and any responsible gun owner should take the classes. I wasn’t on top of my game when I recently attended the level 1 handgun course but I did complete it. I think it was a lot of information for someone to get in one day and that is why I believe you give people the tools and procedures and it is their job to practice them. You have to do something about 3,000 times until you have it memorized. I think the class brings a good insight of proper handgun procedures and is very insightful.” –Gregory Meier

“My last class with CATS was a fantastic experience. I have previously taken the Defensive Handgun I and Defensive Shotgun classes, and was in the Defensive Handgun II class (level II training continues to build on the foundation of level I). At the beginning of the class, I was very surprised (and pleased) to learn that even if you passed level I previously, that you would not be able to take level II if you couldn’t demonstrate level I basics and safety. Level II was a full day of firing from various new positions, weak hand drills, urban combat drills and a surprise knife attack drill which left me to realize I have some practicing to do. The CATS training is always about safety first and every class I have taken is full (almost overwhelmingly) with information and techniques. I’m looking forward to building on my experience even more next time, with my carbine. Great job to all of the staff of CATS! –Doug Jacobs

“Hello Tim, I attended your class on Saturday and had a wonderful time learning so many things regarding the safety of using a firearm. It was my first time using a firearm and I must say that you and the other guys made me feel very comfortable about getting started. I plan to take the course again (level 1) to become even more comfortable with the use of my firearm. Again thanks for such a wonderful and knowledgeable day.” –Monique and Stephen

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