Class Fees

Civilian Arms Training Source was established to Provide Safe Firearms Training for All.

With this goal in mind, our fees are lower than most firearm training schools so it's easier to receive proper training for those who seek it.  Most classes are only $240.00 for the entire day (8am-5pm), with the exception of CCW and Night Shoot.  Discount vouchers are also available from our booth at local gun shows.


All classes require a $40 range fee & includes admin fees such as syllabus & training aids. This also helps cover the private training area: We collect all payments.

You will spend MUCH MORE for this type of training at other schools and not necessarily receive any more value for your training dollar.  In fact, many of our students typically report receiving even better training at Civilian Arms Training Source, for a fraction of the price paid previously.

We appreciate our military service people and enjoy having them in our classes. To show our gratitude for their service, we will gladly offer them 50% off full price as long as they supply their own ammo and range fee.  Just let us know you're military when you register.  THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!


Fee Details:


  • $240.00 per class, which is a full day of training.
  • $10 discount for NRA / CRPA Members.  Must show proof.
  • $30 for firearm rental, including web gear or leather holster, double-magazine holder, ammo dump pouch, eye & ear protection and extra magazines.
  • $5 for rental of any small item that is needed by students who have own gear.
  • Vouchers are sold at different gun shows throughout the year.  Check Our Calendar
  • There is no limit to the number of vouchers you can buy or use.  It's always a good idea to have a couple on hand.  Vouchers not good for CCW or ADI Classes.
  • Vouchers work this way:  Purchase a voucher (good for any class) at any gun show and pay a balance due on the day of training (co-pay) plus a $40.00 range fee.  That's it.  You will have a great deal for a $240.00 class (most trainers charge $200 for 4 hours plus range fees).
  • Remember to bring your lunch water ammo check book or cash. Some ranges that we teach at, have very little to no cell service to use our credit card swipers.


Exceptions (everybody has them):


  • $160.00 for Night Shoot. This is a very-involved class, adding light systems to your training.  YOU must bring a hand held flash light with high lumen out put or a dedicated
    light set up on your weapon system.
  • A show voucher with current co-pay may be used for class.
  • Rental Light system & holster with fresh batteries is $10.00
  • $190 for first time California CCW, $90 for renewals.
  • $160.00 for Basic 101 training, this class is held in two 4 hour sessions and lays the
    foundation and groundwork for intermediate and advanced classes. It is National
    Standardized training for proper pistol handling laws & safety.
  • California CCW & basic 101 classes are held at 5434 La Palma CA 90623 CCW classes
    are Wednesday evenings from 330pm to 10:pm Basic pistol Thursday evenings from
    5:30pm to 9:30pm




Fees are payable the day of class.


We accept cash, credit cards, checks, and money orders.

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