Night Shoot

Gun owners typically do not realize how potentially dangerous and ill-equiped one can be when it comes to self defense in low-light or no-light scenarios.  You are at a huge disadvantage when darkness prevents you from knowing what your surroundings are or what is beyond your threat.

Night shooting is probably one of the most over looked class to attend by even the most avid shooters. It doesn’t matter if you are agency personal or seasoned hunter or protecting the home, night shoots move you to the next level.

Statistically over 70% of shootings occur at night or under low light conditions. More often than not if you have not trained with your gun under low light or no light you will be seriously disadvantaged.

We believe in realistic training but never at the expense of safety. To learn to use a light source with your handgun will better enable you to identify your threat before pulling the trigger. If you believe you are in a lethal threat confrontation we want you to know without a doubt that you are identifying your threat before neutralizing it.

There are many choices in light gear for your personal protection. We are not here to sell you a name brand or the latest fandango light doodad. It is our sincerest intention to train you to become competent shooters with a flashlight or combat light device that best suits you and your needs.

In more incidents than not a good strong source of white light blasting at your suspect is enough to cause him to rethink his attack. Blinding light can give you the drop on your attacker to get away or neutralize him.

What to expect:

Night shoots are generally from the months starting at fall time change just up to spring time; therefore foul weather gear would be recommended. Be sure that you can access your firearm with a coat on and gloves. Neck and face protection is optional but sometimes necessary.


  • To refresh level I & II (negotiation standby)
  • To access lighting system during the draw
  • To safely teach Weaver & Rogers hold
  • To safely demonstrate low light / no light shooting
  • To implement tactical & speed re-loading with light
  • To acquire night vision & use night sights
  • To perform deliberate supine & prone fire
  • To perform deliberate 15 yard fire with light system
  • To elevate hostage rescue under fragmented light
  • To learn how to survive a lethal threat confrontation


What to Bring:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Plenty of fluid (i.e., water)
  • Comfortable loose fitting pants (bdu’s)
  • Weapon side thumb break retention holster-drop rigs & serpa ok
  • At least 2 mag’s (3 mag’s are preferable)
  • Your own firearm
  • 250 rounds of ammunition
  • A flash light holster
  • A sure fire type light (mag light ok) (rentals available)
  • Mag light RED lens
  • Double mag carrier
  • Cold weather gear



Classes usually begin at 5-6pm, depending on the time of year.

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