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Center Axis Relock for Law Enforcement Professionals ONLY!

Learn Effective CQC -- the crooks are practicing….are you?!


Special Rates for Law Enforcement


CATS Law Enforcement and Military close quarters combat shooting. Existing Law Enforcement has an 18% hit ratio and even less effective fatality ratio. We can improve your effectiveness by 90%. Overcome how to shoot when your body is under stress and work with in those limitations. Conventional techniques do not work under fire!

We teach the latest in shooting styles created by Paul Castle and proven worldwide. US Troops, FBI, DOJ, Langley, and more have been introduced to this system and rave about it. Don’t let the gangs and crooks out train you! Trust me, they are training!
Instructors are Sabre Tactical Certified and have Law Enforcement experience. Don’t let budget cuts and get in the way of good sound training.

LE / AOT training available at your location. We will dispatch our Instructors to accommodate your training schedule for the ground troops or AOT. Training cost  is within reach of every officers ability. We are not dependent on City County Federal contracts. The CAR System is POST certified in other states. We've contacted POST and they inform us that we do not have to be POST approved or certified to train LE. Having said that, it wouldn't be hard to become California Post Certified with a department behind us according to POST.

Tactical Shotgun
Tactical Rifle
Advanced Fire Arms Training
Room Entry
Force on Force
Body Armor on Suspects
Shooting effectively from Patrol Car

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