Center Axis Relock (CAR) System

Learning to shoot from a variety of positions can save your life.

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Complete CATS Defensive Tactical Handgun Level 1.


To develop superior, life-saving gun-fighting skills by building upon your fundamental defensive tactical handgun training.


Which stance is best?

It is often debated among shooters which shooting stance is best. Here at CATS we teach the modified Weaver / Extreme modified Weaver & Bladed stance, it’s true that other stances, such as the Isosceles, have their benefits. However, shooting on the move and getting out of your static placement should become instinctive therefore the stance you end up in will depend on your situation. You will learn more about stances with hands on training during dry practice and on the range.

The reason for not perfecting your shooting skills around a particular stance is that through repetition, the benefits of the stance makes shooting that much more difficult when the situation turns for the worse. You can never predict a situation but you will react to it. The CAR System is exactly what is needed to understand and react to reduce the threat level. It is a system based on gun-fighting skills, not a stance. A system that once understood will increase your odds of survival tremendously compared to just learning to shoot from a stance.

When you are learning the basics and still developing your skills, it’s nice to do it the easiest way. Right or wrong you will develop muscle memory according to your training. Better to build your skills on good solid techniques and tactics early in the game.

In the real world of defensive combat gun fighting, you may not always have the luxury of shooting from your favorite stance.

In an urban gunfight, to stop a potentially lethal assault, you must rely upon a number of skills besides being able to deliver half dollar size groups on an IPSC target.

Survival means being able to use cover, concealment, and tactics that allow you to overcome the threat, or to evade, escape or de-escalate the violence.

Most deadly confrontations begin at a less than lethal level of force, perhaps some shoving or pushing coupled with verbal attacks, Many fights simply get started because somebody threw a punch and the other guy raised the stakes by pulling a knife, a club or a makeshift weapon.

Today, Americans are facing new and ever changing lethal threats, as the dark world of terrorism is proliferating and taking aim at western citizens.

Whatever the situation may be, you are now certain that you are in jeopardy and decide you must use lethal force to protect your life.

You may already be injured, you may have been knocked down, you may not have two hands available, and you may have caught the peripheral blast of a suicide bomber and still are under attack by his suicidal bent companions. Trouble generally travels in two or more. In such a situation, you can forget about choosing an Isosceles or Weaver stance.

Practicing basic marksmanship is not enough to guarantee your survival. You have got to be able to fire your weapon accurately from any position.

It’s not where you place your feet that count; it’s where you place your shots. You could be attacked while sitting in your car. You may have to fire your weapon through the passenger side door while you are bailing out the driver’s door.

Single-handed or isometric shooting from a horizontal position is not part of the typical training given to either law enforcement or most security personnel.


What to Bring:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Comfortable loose fitting pants (bdu’s)
  • Drop rigs, low rides & tactical holsters may be employed
  • At least 3 magazines
  • Double Magazine Carrier (DMC) for your size mag’s
  • Your pistol
  • 400 rounds of ammunition (ammunition may not be available at the range)
  • A sack lunch and plenty of water/fluids to drink.
  • Sun block / lip balm, you know the drill for you
  • Ammo pouch for your loose ammo (bdu’s may suffice)
  • This is the time to test all of your gear, bring it out & put it on
  • A pen and note taking gear



8:00am – 5:00pm


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