Utah and Florida CCW

Civilian Arms Training Source is proud to offer CCW training through our valued partner, Shoot Safe Learning.

This course is in accordance with 53-5-704 UCA Subsection (8)(a)(i)(ii) of Utah code. The course meets and surpass the minimum guidelines for concealed firearm courses. In conjunction with Civilian Arms Training Source defensive pistol courses, this training is designed to facilitate students the proper mindset and advanced skills in the use of the handgun as a defensive weapon of last resort.

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Part I
Handgun Safety Rules
Handgun Operation
Shooting Fundamentals
Cleaning of handguns
Safe concealment techniques
Safe storage of firearms and ammunition

Part II
Permit Holder - restricted areas
Permit Holder - Etiquette
Use of Deadly Force
Civil Liabilities
Escalation of Force

Part III
Review of Federal and state codes, rules and regulations pertaining to firearms

Part IV
Shooting Test (May or may not be administered)

Part V
Document Completion

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