Handgun - Defensive Tactical Level 1

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This class is designed to help develop the student from the ground up.

Working on the student’s foundation is very important. For new students as well as seasoned shooters we have found that teaching proper stance, grip sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control from the beginning, helps them to develop good habits that are useful in recreation or in a lethal threat situation.

We believe in teaching all students how to handle stoppages and malfunctions. We call these immediate-action-drills . The long time shooter who has been developing bad habits can re-adjust to progress forward for better shot placement and enhance his ability to hunt, compete and become a better and safer shooter for himself and others. The last few hours of the class the student will put together all that they have learned in a real world scenario called an urban conflict drill. (U.C.D.)


Training is Offered To Anyone Who:

Owns a firearm, plans to own a firearm, or is interested in learning to safely handle and use a firearm. (within Federal, State & local laws & ordinances).



Learn the safe and proper method of firearms handling. Also to learn new skills and improve on existing shooting skills.



To safely perform the five-count draw

To learn the proper loading and unloading of a firearm
To learn exact shot placement for desired results
To learn techniques in IMMEDIATE ACTION stoppage/malfunction drills
To engage multiple targets
To perform deliberate fire from 25 yards
To hone existing skills by repetition of the fundamentals
To learn how to survive a lethal threat confrontation


What to Bring:

  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Comfortable loose fitting pants (bdu’s)
  • Weapon side retention hip holster-Kydex-Uncle Mike -BlackHawk-Fobus-Galco-etc (strongly recommended)
  • Drop rigs, low rides & shoulder holsters not recommended in level I defensive pistol
  • Drop rigs, low rides & tactical holsters may be used by women to accommodate anatomy
  • At least 3 magazines
  • Double Magazine Carrier (DMC) for your size mag’s
  • Your own firearm if you own one
  • 250 rounds of ammunition (ammunition may not be available at the range, however a pro shop is open)
  • A sack lunch and plenty of water/fluids to drink
  • Sun block / lip balm, you know the drill for you
  • A sturdy belt-(mandatory)
  • Ammo pouch for your loose ammo (bdu’s may suffice)
  • A pen and note-taking gear




Classes run from 8:00am – 5:00pm

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