Handgun - Defensive Tactical Level 2

This class builds from level 1 improving and adding more intermediate and advanced skills.

Weapons retention techniques, knife attack drills and supine defense are just a few that level two students learn as well as, how to react immediately to mechanical difficulties with your firearm in a safe and expedient manner.

The student is generally surprised to see how well they can draw and shoot in weapon side & reaction side only drills. All rules of safety remain the same during these drills.

During the last few hours of the day, an urban conflict drill.(U.C.D.) will be the last stage of live fire that the student will engage in. During this stage all the elements of safety and the skills that were learned will all come into play.

Upon successful completion of Level 1 & Level 2, the student may attempt to qualify in practical and theory testing. If the student receives a passing grade and scores appropriately , he or she will be issued a Certificate of completion.

Level II training is offered to: Any student that has completed level I successfully and has the approval of instructors to move forward to gain new skills. Every evolution in Level II is built from level one training. If the student demonstrates an inability to be focused and teachable He or she will make safe the firearm and be excused for the day. They may try again at another time.

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Train people in the safe and proper method of advanced firearms handling. Also to learn new skills and improve on existing shooting skills.



  • Level I refresher
  • Negotiation standby
  • Verbal commands
  • Third position Sul (NRA-Safety Circle)-High ready – combat high – extended & apogee
  • Teach Contact ready & clearing techniques
  • Speed Rocks – two types & speed drills
  • Failure to Stop – Mozambique shuffle drill
  • Weapon hand only tactics
  • Reaction side only drills
  • Supine defense Knock down drills
  • Knife or edged object attack
  • 25 yard controlled pair tactical walk from Sul & Contact ready
  • 25 yard Rush; Required & timed as 1 of 3 for Certificate


What to Bring:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Comfortable loose fitting pants (bdu’s)
  • Strong side retention hip holster-Kydex-Uncle Mike -BlackHawk-Fobus-Galco-etc (strongly recommended)
  • Drop rigs, low rides & shoulder holsters not recommended in level I defensive pistol
  • Drop rigs, low rides & tactical holsters may be used by women to accommodate anatomy
  • At least 3 magazines
  • Double Magazine Carrier (DMC) for your size mag’s
  • Your own firearm if you own one
  • 400 rounds of ammunition (ammunition may not be available at the range)
  • A sack lunch and plenty of water/fluids to drink.
  • Sun block / lip balm, you know the drill for you
  • A sturdy belt-(mandatory)
  • Ammo pouch for your loose ammo (bdu’s may suffice)
  • A pen and note-taking gear



Classes run from 8:00am – 5:00pm

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