Level 2 Transitions/AFT

California Conceal Carry Weapons Permit 16 Hour Course

This course is sanctioned by Orange County Sheriff's Offices for the concealed carry of handguns. The CCW class is held on Wednesday evenings from 3:30pm to 10pm. Students who attend our Defensive tactical handgun Level 1 class at Burro canyon Pala or Angeles may receive a 10 % discount on the CCW class. Once a CCW student has successfully completed the CCW training he is guaranteed a 50% discount for tactical handgun level 1.

Consecutive evenings will be necessary for initial training.

The course is taught by qualified Instructors with outstanding qualifications. The material covered will include: laws, responsibilities, ethical considerations, firearms training and qualification as mandated by law. CCW class is no longer than 16 hours.

Course cost: $190.00 includes course curriculum & certificate

Renewal cost: $90.00 4-hour course

Equipment / Ammunition:

+ Eye and ear protection
+ Holster
+ Belt
+ Magazine or speed loader pouch/carrier Snap caps for dry practice (at least for primary gun)
+ 3 magazines or 1 speed loader per weapon type (if applicable)
+ Primary handgun 72 rounds of ammunition
+ 2nd and 3rd handgun 72 rounds per gun
+ 2nd and 3rd handgun is not an additional charge however Add a gun is $25.00 each

The weapon you intend to use on the permit must be used during the course. You may list up to three handguns per permit and must qualify with each during the course

Cost covers handouts & lecture (You will pay individually for your range time)

This course does not guarantee a CCW permit however is valid for 6 months from completion date.