Center Axis Relock

We're proud to offer our students training using the Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) system, developed by Paul Castle of Sabre Tactical, via IPD Systems.  C.A.R. consists of four easily-transitioned positions (high, combat high, extended, and apogee) that work harmoniously with the body.  Harmonious body movement is important because it makes it easier to build instinctive reaction skills.  And it's these reaction skills that could save your life if you someday find yourself in a gun fight.

Here are some additional features of the C.A.R. System:


  • Unmatched weapon retention
  • Allows the operator to engage and disengage very quickly
  • Increased field of vision as both eyes remain open
  • Utilizes either hand with very fast transition capability (Right hand ‐left eye or left hand ‐right eye)
  • Excellent Platform for Left Handed Shooters
  • Tremendous reduction in felt weapon recoil
  • Hit rates are drastically increased set against national average hit rate of just 18%at 6 feet and closer

Summary of Benefits

More effective performance of personnel in actual conflicts, leading not only to reduced casualties among officers / military personnel but among noncombatants and possibly suspects / opposing forces as well. This stems from a more effective use of firearms and other weapons, leading to quicker cessation of conflicts and thus less opportunity for injuries to occur, as well as greater combat effectiveness itself. The results are increased safety of the officers / military personnel and of noncombatants, reducing social costs and financial liability while more effectively neutralizing violent criminals and/or enemy combatants.

Higher success rates of nontraditional personnel, e.g., smaller‐statured men and women, due to unique features of the C.A.R. system which reduce dependence on muscular endurance, strength, and physical size. This offers a greater diversity of the force in question (e.g. ethnic and gender representation), better reflecting society at large.

Training efficiency, due to the use of identical training principles for handguns, carbines, shotguns, "less‐lethal" alternative weapons, and empty‐hand techniques provides for reduced costs of training and recruitment.

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