Safety Comes First

Exercising your American rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution by bearing and keeping firearms is both a right and a responsibility.  Your responsibility is not just to follow state and federal laws, but to be properly trained to handle and use your firearms.  At Civilian Arms Training Source, safety instruction comes first and is the foundation of our training programs.  All students are thoroughly instructed in basic rules of gun safety prior to live fire down range.

Your ability to properly fire your weapon or hit your target is meaningless, if individual and group safety is compromised due to your inability to maintain muzzle control or keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot.  Gun owners should always keep their firearm pointed in the safest possible direction and only point the gun at an object or person that you intend to shoot.  Never horse around and point your weapon at family, friends or yourself!  It's just plain foolish and certainly not worth the risk.

When not intending to shoot, your finger should be kept off the trigger outside the trigger guard to prevent an unintentional discharge.  Anything can happen and you never know what life has in store.  Someone could accidentally bump into you or startle you, causing you to inadvertently pull the trigger.  Or while on the move, you could trip and stumble--pulling the trigger in a natural attempt to grasp for something to prevent your fall.  The bottom line is that until you're ready to fire, keep your finger off and out of the trigger guard.

On television and the big screen, our favorite actors and movie-stars wave guns around with reckless abandon.  In real life, guns should should always be treated as if they were loaded.  This means that any time a gun is handled for any reason, check to see that it is unloaded first...

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