Expert Instruction

Our instructors have come through our school as students and have successfully earned Tactical Handgun Certification & NRA Instructor Certifications in various disciplines.  Some have received training from law enforcement agencies and other popular training organizations such as Firearms Training Associates (FTA), Front Sight, IPD Systems,  Sabre Tactical, Tactical Firearms Training Team (TFTT), and Thunder Ranch.

Our training programs are designed to complement the training of any Agency person and augment his or her own tool box with more time on the range practicing cutting edge methods.  We have our ear to the ground and our eyes wide open for what works and what doesn’t work in the field. We listen to soldiers and operators for feedback which is invaluable in determining our training techniques and ensuring that we're moving in the right direction.  Our instructors are professionals who are passionate about your training and want you to receive the the very best.

Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) is the Basis

Most shooters have been strongly influenced throughout the years from proven methods such as the isosceles and weaver shooting platforms. These techniques have advantages and disadvantages that become apparent in the field of operations. Today we are faced with much more urban gun fighting, and the Center Axis Relock or C.A.R. system is am extremely effective and credible platform in a CQB environment. The success rate in comparison to the aforementioned methods in this environment is phenomenally higher. The C.A.R. system was developed by Commander Paul Castle and is a comprehensive, life-saving, gun-fighting technique.  Our instructors first learned about C.A.R. from a soldier returning home from Iraq and immediately pursued training.

We have since become certified by Sabre Tactical and offer this training to agency personnel and the civilian sector.

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