Exercise Your Rights

Ever hear the phrase "use it or lose it!"?  You may have heard it in the context of staying physically fit or keeping your mind sharp.  The point being, you can exercise your muscles to build strength, but if you don't use them regularly you will soon become weak again.  Similarly, to stay mentally sharp, it's good to read or do something mentally challenging as part of your regular routine.  The same can be said about our constitutional rights.

For example, if we don't exercise our second amendment right to keep and bear arms, how much of a right is it really?  One could claim that our lack of exercise was either due to a lack of appreciation, fear, apathy or just plain laziness--all attitudes and emotions that could make it easier for someone to limit this right or take it away entirely.  Meanwhile, those who seek to implement gun controls or take away guns entirely are working daily to do so...

Ever wonder why our Founding Fathers included the right to keep and bear arms in our Constitution?  It is not because they thought guns were cool or that they were paranoid.  They had good reason.  They knew that the right to keep and bear arms was critical to protecting the rest of our God-given rights.  They knew tyranny.  They knew the implications of a defenseless people against an out-of-control government.

The world may hate America because of our "love affair" with guns.  But it is this relationship that has made America free and a beacon of freedom around the world.  It is our "love affair" that defeated the Nazis and has come to the aid of the defenseless, time and time again.  As Americans, we have an obligation and responsibility to exercise and protect our constitutional rights--the freedoms that many others have fought and died for.  We must enjoy, preserve, and pass them on to future generations.

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