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The following are Paul's own words, regarding his life's work and the legacy he left us, taken from the Sabre Tactical website:
The C.A.R. system is all about saving lives, that means yours. If I was vain I would have called it 'The Castle Technique' or the 'Castle Combat System', but I wanted to describe C.A.R. in another way. The strange thing about criticism is most of the time it comes from fear and lack of knowledge.  So I ask you... find out what you need to about this system, and not rely on what somebody has told you that did not attend an actual school. This website was not designed to be a teaching tool, as we all know anybody can surf the net and I did not want some Criminal or Terrorist to get on this site and come away with enough knowledge to use it against you. I would ask you not to sit and pick apart some basic unrehearsed video trying to find something wrong with the system, or trying to learn from the system from watching it. You may also note that I call C.A.R. a system and not a stance. This is because weaver and isosceles are stances and not systems.  Please take time to speak with somebody who has actually been to a school, or call me or email me. I will be glad to share my thoughts with you. If you are a Law Abiding Citizen, let me know who you are. I have 58 Instructors in 22 US States. One of them will be glad to talk with you about training issues and the system in general.

The main reason that Sabre Tactical Training does not generally train outside LE and Military is that this is not the mission we set for ourselves. Not to be esoteric or to keep this away from Civilians. In addition we run very physical schools, minor injuries such as grazed knees and elbows due to hand to hand contact fighting are commonplace. We have also designed elements of our training for aggressive defense, and these techniques fall outside those of sport shooting and practical pistol shooting styles. I have no argument with any style of shooting out there, and would hope that you as an individual recognize that I have tried to find a system that works in combat scenarios, and not just on a range. Because if we look at the facts in LE we have a hit rate of less than 20% in combat. If weaver or isosceles were so good why is our hit rate so bad? I can say this from my heart, if I thought there was a better way to do something I would use it no matter who was teaching it. Does it work and will it save my butt are the real issues.

The only thing important is that you go home alive--not what name you call the shooting stance you use.

I wanted to say thanks for visiting my site, I hope that you will take the time to call me, or email me. I will take the time to call you back.

Stay safe, and keep your powder dry.

Paul Castle.

Paul’s personal comments on the C.A.R. System:

The first thing I want you to understand as a potential student looking at the C.A.R. system is that I am
NOT a Martial Artist. My hand to hand fighting experience comes from being a Cop on the streets. I do
however have many friends and associates who are experts in the martial Arts. I humbly bow to those
who have a focus in Martial Arts that I simply do not possess. My skills have been honed with firearms in
mind. If you want to learn go to the tree of knowledge. Go right to the source, and learn from the
ground up.

The C.A.R. system can be described as the Kinetic Linking of power from the ground through a solid
base, using the center line of the body, or Center Axis. Your center is a hold on power, through balance
and stability. The 6 ‘R’s are a form of Kata or fighting drills. You could call them a routine. Each of them
can be deployed from no particular position. You will read what the term P.I.N. is all about, as you
progress through the training manual. I have tried to identify the needs of the untrained by gathering
knowledge from the trained. I have tried very hard to keep egos out, and what works in.

My experiences have taught me that it is a combination of Power and Pressure, Balance and Technique,
both from within and without. These are manifest through the correct application of Stance and Form,
Flexibility and Strength. In my mind traditional shooting stances offer little of these basic requirements,
resulting in not hitting what we are aiming at when we are under the stress of lethal force combat.
We are taught that only a perfectly centered fighter can attack in any direction. It is important to own
your attackers center. With a firearm you must be able to deliver multiple rounds to the center area and
in quick succession on the move. Gun fights occur from difficult angles, unlike traditional style range
practice when you are perfectly centered on your target.

Balance and power are created from straight bone alignment. This means controlling the recall of the
weapon on discharge. The C.A.R. system does this very well, incredibly well in fact. You will feel for real
the difference.


“Mr. Castle has developed a unique system for the Operator to survive in a close quarter’s combat
situation. Which allows not only for rapid accurate firing but also for a near flawless weapons retention
This program is based on the natural reaction of the body in a high stress situation, which makes it a
viable program for all Operators.”
David T. Bish
8th Degree Black belt.
President Red Dragon Jujitsu Inc.
“When analyzing the events that precede Operator Death’s, you must come to the inescapable
conclusion that such deaths are the result of a sequence of mistakes.......Not just one mistake. These
mistake’s when analyzed, often follow a similar and recognizable pattern. This pattern more often than
not, consists of:
Unrealistic and insufficient training
Inaccurate and / or ignored intelligence
A poor or complete absence of a sound tactical plan
Team chaos created by unexpected suspect action, and the inability to effectively respond due to #’s 1
through 3
Mr. Murphy presenting his ugly head at the worst possible moment
Operator death
The C.A.R. system is the first training system I have experienced that has truly been designed around the
idea that Operators must train for Gun Fights. Unlike conventional systems that have evolved into
training Operators to address paper targets, from a static line position.
Paul Castle has recognized what all true Operators know in their hearts to be true. The systems we have
been taught (isosceles, weaver) are fairly effective in a range environment, but, have been proven IN
BLOOD to be wholly ineffective in real gunfights.
Paul Castle has done what the rest of the Tactical Operator Community around the world has failed to
do. He has solved the problem. Paul has developed a system in C.A.R. that works in the real world, in
real gunfights, in deadly encounters, that will save your life.
Give yourself and your Team the greatest gift you can give, a system and a plan to survive. Try this
system. Give it a chance to reveal itself to you, you will never look back.”
Garrett Faddis
USN Seal Team 3. Point / Sniper ret.
“He, who saves one Man’s life, saves the World”
“You are doing this with the C.A.R. system. For every Law Enforcement and Military Personnel that
adopts and uses your system. I only hope that I can perfect the C.A.R. and save more lives than I have
with the old system.”
With all respect.
Joe Bacciocco
Naval Special Warfare USN.
Special Boat Unit ‐22 Det 122
The C.A.R. “Active‐Defense” system is a total concept for today’s Law Enforcement, Security, and
Military Operator. The programs contained within the system have been designed predominately from
base Martial Arts and existing knowledge of how the Human Body performs when under extreme stress.
Each individual training module can be considered as an intricate part of the larger program or they may
be undertaken as a single technique. They can be considered as a matrix.
All of the courses offer continuous flow instructional objectives in both psychomotor and cognitive
based core skills.
You will never need a gun until you need it BADLY


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